For to be free is not to merely cast off one's chains,
but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.
- Nelson Mandela -

Monday, April 07, 2008

Pictorial catch-up

Myrna (and finally, for the seventh picture, she didn't press her lips together)

Owen, in his comfort zone and on WOW

Me (no, honest, I'm not gardening! Just pretending!)

Ken, (my dear, dear husband ;)

Our open plan living room, seen from back to front (Bobby dog in basket)

Same living room, now from front to back (with new book shelves!)

Stairs, door to Harry Potter room (left) and communal computer corner (right)

Da whole house, with faithful transport in the back

The kitchen (and new book shelves again!)

Our beautiful front door with beautiful Icelandic dog Lagsi

That's enough for one day, I would think.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Easter Asha

Finally figured out how to upload pics onto my laptop and now trying out if I still know how to get them onto a blog.
While others - dear blogfriends - are miles ahead of me and creating marvelous blog hubs with equally marvelous art work I am happy as Larry if I can make this work...

But if I do get this to work I can inundate you with piccies of everything that's dear to me! Ahh, isn't our Lady Asha just the loveliest Easter Pussy?

Let's see if I can import the fabulous piece of work the boys did the other day. It's made of so called Kapla, a Dutch (of course!) invention. All similar little bits of wood, planks, where height : width : length = 1 : 3 : 5. They first built this:

then pushed it over - as boys do - and built a copy of London Bridge! Of which I only have a picture on my mobile telephone and I haven't yet figured out how to get them onto here. But even though the building was amazing, the more amazing thing was that, instead of demolishing it with a big bang - as with the previous construction - they took it down one Kapla by one Kapla, trying to figure out which ones could be removed without collapsing it! At a certain moment there were five of us sitting around, taking turns, discussing which plank should be taken out. Great fun! And one of these moments that would tick a lot of the boxes on the educational list.
Okay then, just for the heck of it, a few: maths, engineering, architecture, history, social interaction and working together, a lot of drama and of course tidying up afterwards. Ah, tidying up is not one of the boxes? Explains a lot, doesn't it?

Right then, get ready for more piccies in the near future. I'm learning and liking this!