For to be free is not to merely cast off one's chains,
but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.
- Nelson Mandela -

Monday, April 07, 2008

Pictorial catch-up

Myrna (and finally, for the seventh picture, she didn't press her lips together)

Owen, in his comfort zone and on WOW

Me (no, honest, I'm not gardening! Just pretending!)

Ken, (my dear, dear husband ;)

Our open plan living room, seen from back to front (Bobby dog in basket)

Same living room, now from front to back (with new book shelves!)

Stairs, door to Harry Potter room (left) and communal computer corner (right)

Da whole house, with faithful transport in the back

The kitchen (and new book shelves again!)

Our beautiful front door with beautiful Icelandic dog Lagsi

That's enough for one day, I would think.


'EF' x said...

What lovely people you are :)

And your home is just gorgeous too x

Gill said...

Very nice to see you all! And your beautiful bookshelves xx

Gnomead said...

Amazing picturefest, house, pets, & family too. Doesn't Ken look so intelectual when he pretends to read like that.

Love to all,

Dave & Naomi,

liz said...

Wel, that's just typical. I check your blog nearly every day for ages and ages and ages then I get distracted by my birthday and stuff and you go and post twice in 2 days!;-)
Have you got a camera set up in my house so you know when I'm not at the computer? Do I have Mieke spyware on my computer? I need answers!!LOL

ruth said...

Oww its lovely to put faces to names. I imagined you as a blond lol

Mieke said...

I thought it was only fair to let you all have a look at us, as I'm always looking into your lives :=).
And LOL Ruth, just because I'm Dutch doesn't mean I'm blond! There's pictures coming up soon, coz I'm really liking this. Mind, I'll password my blog before I put pictures of AL's room on. Dread to think of what 'the world' and some Sunday papers would think of us, accuse us of, when they saw the state of that...

And Liz, you want answers? Spyware is so below our standards... remember you felt that little sting when you were here? You probably thought it was flees, but you were getting chipped! And now Big Mama is watching you!!!
Gah, just watched 'Cotton Wool Children' on Channel 4. Reminds me of why I don't like watching telly. Blimey Norah, what are people doing to their children!?
Did anyone see it? This one mother who was driving around with her children and pointing out people that looked strange and suspicious... Waaahh!! What's happening to this society?!

Mieke said...

eerrhh, that warning should read: There's MORE pictures coming soon...

thenewstead6 said...

loving the pictures, Mieke!

And as for the gardening, funny I didn't think that when I saw the picture - I figured they were rubber gloves!

Beautiful family, beautiful home. Thank you for sharing. x