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but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.
- Nelson Mandela -

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Silly Cow

That's me.
I'm forever nagging my children about listening to what their body tells them, exercise, fresh air, healthy mind in healthy body, and all those pearls of wisdom, but what do I do to lead by example? Zilch. Nothing. Well, very little, anyway.
Ever since we moved here I've hardly been out and about. Even though there's this lovely path by the river where the dogs can run off the lead, I hardly ever take them there. Ken does practically all the dog walking at the moment. My excuse is that I'm working hard and need to get my translation and stories done, but it's a lame excuse.
For a while now I've been saying to Ken how I really need to get fit, because I'm beginning to get circulation problems, I'm short of breath even after a short walk to the shops, and there's all sorts of other signs, that - would I see them in one of my clan - would get me on my soapbox about healthy living.

So, now I'm getting what I deserve.
Coz that's how things work.
I'm waiting for this operation to have some 'major pelvic floor repairs' done. First it was going to take place end of April, but they've brought it forward to March 18, which I was quite pleased about.
Last Tuesday I had to go in for a pre-operative assessment and it turned out that I had glucose in my urine and then when they did the diabetes test, that showed a too high BM. So then I had to go back the next day for a full fasting test.
Now I'm waiting for the results of that to come back. If I do have a glucose intolerance or a form of diabetes, the operation will be postponed.
Not that I was looking forward to the operation, but I was looking forward to get it over and done with, iyswim.

Now I know for a fact that if I'd done what my body had told me and got fit when I felt I should, I wouldn't have had the high glucose. And I would've just gone in next Tuesday, without a problem.

I'm just so utterly annoyed with myself and can't think of anyone else to blame but me. Me me me. Is this enough of a meme, EF?

As Myrna and Owen are in the middle of learning everything about the digestive system and blood circulation, and were only last week discussing the workings of insuline with their tutor, there is no escaping the facts. When Mr R came this morning they - obviously - wanted to go over it again, and I got everything I've said to them in the past about healthy living and the need of exercising thrown back at me...

Now every member of this family is eager to help me get fit as soon as possible. So, where I used to sneak upstairs and do some work while they went out for a walk or whatever, I don't get the chance to do that anymore. There's no more escaping my own good council.
"Exercise and fresh air keep us healthy and wise."

I hope somebody is feeling sorry for me, coz I get no sympathy here...


Liz said...

Am I feeling sorry for you? Course I am, if that's what you want:-) If you'd like something a little more practical, like a walk along the river with an elderly dog and an equally out of shape (but gettting to grips with myself) friend, just shout.

'EF' x said...

oh well that is enough kicking yourself x

You've just been snuggling that is all, and now you are all snuggled out. Is time to walk your talk, oh but what an excuse! With spring in the air and in your step you'll get there.

OOh diabetes, I am going to check all my mystery symptoms for that, now theres one I had not thought of.

Sending you love and chuckles and am with you on that walk, at least in spirit xxx

Mieke said...

Ow, Liz!! I want both!! It's just that I really really need to get this translation finished before I go in - if I do go in on Tuesday. O gosh, I'm so yearning for a moment where I can combine healthy exercise and chatting with a good friend! I'll mail you soon, want to know how the old dog is doing... :)

EF, yes, that might be a possibility with you! My BIL has diabetes and he has these enormous mood swings, as well as feeling utterly lethargic at times, strange food and drink cravings. Anyway, it's quite a simple test, so worth having done.

Mieke said...
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dawny said...

awww Mieke I's sending lots of empathy and hugs, diabetes is in my family too and I know we should be doing more. But hey you have shared Cesar Millan with me, and he says walks have to happen every day ;-) *winks.
check out my blog, we're having a new doggy :o) one that will need lots of Cesar tips.
take care of you xx